How to Make a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is like an Amsterdam holiday. You can plan all you want but it is the surprises that happen during your Amsterdam city roundtrip tour that will make your whole journey more exciting and fun. No matter how unpredictable the market is for your company, it is still essential for you to have a marketing plan. It will help you dictate the direction that the company is willing to take to widen the market and reach out to more people who will be willing to buy your product or hire your services.

Here are the steps on how to do your marketing plan:

Understand your current status

To be able to know where you want to go, you have to understand where you are coming from. You need to assess yourself and understand your current status as a company. You have to list down your niche, your demographics, your yearly sales, your overhead costs, and your earnings per capita. If you have your analytics intact, then you have to record all your data as basis as to where you are right now. This will make it easier to quantify the number of your target sales in terms of percentage and the goal that you want to reach at the end of the year and not just on some coupon code.

List your detailed goals

You have to be as detailed as possible when it comes to your marketing goals and not just rely on a web chat online data. If you have to set sub-goals along with your main goals, you should do it. This will set the direction for the company and for the in-house marketer. It will also help other sectors of your company to plan based on what you will be doing.

Research marketing techniques

This advice is for those who are beginners in marketing. You should research possible techniques and methods that you can use for your company. It is better to do your research for past methods as well as new techniques in marketing products. In this way, you have a grasp of what you are dealing with and what new implementations that you can do to boost sales and rankings.

5 thoughts on “How to Make a Marketing Plan

  1. As a marketer myself, you have to know what your competitor is doing. If the competition is doing well, then it is possible to use it yourself for your company. Of course, it takes a lot of research before implementing it. You should also consider if the plan is sustainable.

  2. When you are making a marketing plan, you really have to understand the current status of the company. This will be the bottom quantifiable number that you will use in order to assess if your current marketing plan is useful or not. Count a few months to determine the effectiveness of the plan.

  3. Planning a strategy for marketing is more difficult than anyone could ever imagine. From the get-go, you have to understand the status of the company that you are dealing with. Then, you have to establish the techniques that you wish to apply. And you also have to get the approval of the higher ups.

  4. Marketing plan these days are very strangely un-proportionate to the output they deliver. I think people these days are scamming businesses. LOL

  5. Marketing plans can sometimes be such a hard to do campaign that mostly it takes a lot of effort and manpower to execute.

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